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"You have to learn that sometimes it isn’t love. It’s just a sudden feeling and you just over reacted."

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People tend to label us. They put a tag on us. However, do not allow anyone defines who you are; not even their criticisms, judgments, slanders, or their gossips. Be who you really are, since at the end of the day, our actions define our character, which defines who we really are.


a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself

"Admit it, you’re afraid to text him/her first sometimes because you feel like you’re annoying them."

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July 6, 2014

Na badtrip ako kanina sa isa kong kabarkada, kinukwento nya kung pano sya nag papalit palit ng gf.. kinukwento oh pinagyayabang? Ewan, kapal ng muka kala mo naman kung sino at feeling nya kaya nyang mapasagot lahat ng babaeng matipuhan nya.. puging-pogi sa sarili eh muka namang takong!

"I am a strong person. But every once in a while I would like someone to hold my hand and tell me things are going to be OK."